About Us

LIS MARKETING has been around for more than a number of years. We believe that labels are the first selling point for any product, hence we practice precision when making our labels, ensuring that we relay your company’s image and product’s credibility to the public accurately.

Our strong integrity means that we are dedicated to give you the very best and nothing short from the best. Our team would provide honest and transparent opinions that help you flow your ideas and goals into one final design. The final design will represent everything you want to say about your company and its product in one label.

How our labels differ from our competitors? Simple, our fanatical attention and obsession for perfection our labels carry can be spotted easily. Thanks to our cutting edge technology and our experienced workforce, the quality and credibility our labels display will definitely make your product stand out and stand proud.

We are your number one source for all things labels; you will know that your labels are made with thought and passion as it is made by a team with an impressive amount of experience, knowledge and professionalism. The quality of our labels speak for themselves.

  • Integrity
  • Experience
  • Effectiveness
  • Precision and Accuracy

Our Factory

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